UCLA Film & Television Archive Cataloging Procedure Manual--Voyager



Table of Contents

Section 1, Introduction to Cataloging Procedure Manual--Voyager

1.1, Standards followed
1.2, Relationship to AMIM

Section 2, Administration

2.1, Withdrawals, internal records and missing items
2.1.1, Withdrawals and internal records
2.1.2, Missing items
2.2, Split records and split fields
2.2.1, Split records
2.2.2, Split fields
2.3, Cataloging Statistics
2.4, Backlog procedures
2.4.1, Statistics
2.4.2, Backlog database
2.4.3, Inputting priorities
2.4.4, Inventory forms to be given to catalogers
2.4.5, Backlog information
2.4.6, Backlog trouble-shooting
2.5, Equipment--Maintenance
2.5.1, Computers, network
2.5.2, Printers
2.5.3, Voyager problems
2.6, New employee orientation checklist
2.6.1, Beforehand
2.6.2, First day
2.6.3, Cataloging concepts to cover

Section 3, Filmographic record--Introduction

3.1, Policy on research
3.2, Object of a record
3.2.1, Untitled materials connected with a particular film, program or program episode
3.2.2, Elements
3.3, Introduction to analysis
3.4, Archive analysis policy
3.4.1, Method A (Contents note alone)
3.4.2, Method B (Analytic added entries to record with no collective title)
3.4.3, Method C (Contents note with added entries)
3.4.4, Method D (Host record with component part analytics)
3.4.5, Method E (Component part analytics with series added entries)
3.4.6, Method F (IN analytics)
3.4.7, Method G (With notes)
3.4.8, Method H (Component part analytics using both host and component part titles)
3.5, Sources of information
3.6, Capitalization
3.7, Punctuation
3.8, Levels of description

Section 4, Filmographic record--Main entry

4.1, Personal name main entry
4.1.1, Hearst material
4.2, Uniform titles and filing titles
4.2.1, Uniform titles, TV movies which are pilots, Television news, Uniform titles for bills and laws
4.2.2, Filing titles
4.2.3, Cross references

Section 5, Filmographic record--Body of the description

5.1, Titles
5.1.1, Episode and issue titles
5.1.2, Explanations added to title proper
5.2, Supplied titles
5.2.1, Untitled materials in particular form categories
5.2.2, Unidentified materials, Unidentified materials released or broadcast with a title, Unidentified episode of a known series, serial or newsreel, Completely unidentified materials
5.2.3, Unedited footage, unconnected with a particular film or program, stock shots, untitled film or tape used as a recording medium
5.2.4, Compilation of more than three works on a single item with no collective title
5.2.5, Special rule for materials in containers
5.3, Statement of responsibility
5.3A, Edition/version
5.4, Country of production
5.5, Distribution, release, broadcast
5.5.1, Dates of distribution, release, broadcast
5.5A, Series
5.6, Notes summary
5.7, Notes in detail
5.7.1, General note (500), Nature or form note (500), Edition and history (500), Source of title proper (500), Variations in title (500), Citations (500), Statements of responsibility (500), Country of production (500), Publication, distribution (500), Physical description (500), Accompanying material (500), Series (500), Censorship (500), Numbers borne by the item (500), Copyright registration information (500), Awards (500), Intended audience and rating designations (500)
5.7.2, With notes (501)
5.7.3, Dissertation note (502)
5.7.4, Bibliography, etc., note (504)
5.7.5, Contents notes (505), Commercials and public service announcements (505)
5.7.6, Restrictions on access note (506)
5.7.7, Scale note for graphic material (507)
5.7.8, Credits note (508)
5.7.9, Citation note (510)
5.7.10, Participant or performer note (511)
5.7.11, Numbering peculiarities note (515)
5.7.12, Type of computer file or data note (516)
5.7.13, Date/time and place of an event note (518)
5.7.14, Summary and intertitles (520)
5.7.15, Other rating designations (521)
5.7.16, Geographic coverage note (522)
5.7.17, Preferred citation of described materials note (524)
5.7.18, Supplement note (525)
5.7.19, Additional physical form available note (530)
5.7.20, Reproduction note (533)
5.7.21, Original version note (534)
5.7.22, Location of originals/duplicates note (535)
5.7.23, Funding information note (536)
5.7.24, System details note (538)
5.7.25, Terms governing use and reproduction note (540)
5.7.26, Immediate source of acquisition note (541)
5.7.27, Location of other archival materials note (544)
5.7.28, Biographical or historical data (545)
5.7.29, Language note (546)
5.7.30, Former title complexity note (547)
5.7.31, Issuing body note (550)
5.7.32, Entity and attribute information note (552)
5.7.33, Cumulative index/finding aids note (555)
5.7.34, Information about documentation note (556)
5.7.35, Ownership and custodial history (561)
5.7.36, 562 field (version note)
5.7.37, Case file characteristics note (565)
5.7.38, Methodology note (567)
5.7.39, Linking entry complexity note (580)
5.7.40, Publications about described materials note (581)
5.7.41, Action note (583)
5.7.42, Accumulation and frequency of use note (584)
5.7.43, Exhibitions note (585)
5.7.44, Awards (586)
5.7.45, Local note, not suppressed from public display (590)
5.7.46, Program notes (590)
5.7.47, Preservation history notes (590)
5.7.48, Host item entry (773)
5.7.49, Electronic location and access (856)
5.7.50, Local note suppressed from public display (539)

Section 6, Access points--Added entries and subject/genre/form access

6.1, Name added entries
6.1.1, Relator terms for archival moving image cataloging
Relator term list, Format of relator terms
6.1.2, Fictional characters and performing groups
6.2, Related work added entries
6.3, Title added entries
6.3.1, Title added entry table
6.4, Subject, genre, and form access
6.4.1, Deciding which headings to assign
6.4.2, Local subject and genre/form headings, Local subject headings, Local genre/form headings, LCSH genre/form headings
6.4.3, Geographic and jurisdictional headings
6.4.4, Names as subjects, Double-indexing of proper names, Proper names to be established in the vernacular
6.4.5, Works about a moving image genre or form
6.5, By vs. about vs. depicting

Section 7, Access points--Inventory records

7.1, Title main entries
7.2, Personal name main entries
7.3, Personal name added entries (700)
7.4, Subject added entries for personal name (600)
7.5, Uniform title added entries for works contained (730 02)
7.6, Title added entries
7.7, Genre and form headings (655)
7.8, Local genre/form headings for particular categories
7.9, Subject headings for commercials (650 _0)
7.10, Additional subject, genre and other headings added by catalogers
7.11, How to check to see if a heading has been established in our authority file

Section 8, Access points--Authority work

8.1, Voyager authority files
8.1.1, Notes in authority records
8.1.2, Library of Congress control numbers in authority records
8.2, Authority work on personal names
8.3, Authority work on corporate names
8.4, Authority work on uniform titles
8.5, Authority work on series
8.6, Authority work on subject and geographic headings
8.7, Cross references
8.8, NACO reporting
8.9, Local establishment
8.9.1, Local establishment of headings
8.9.2, Local establishment of references
8.9.3, Locally written scope notes
8.10, Copying the Libraries' records into our authority files
8.11, Fixed field codes for authority records (008 field)
8.12, Control subfield w codes for authority records
8.13, Voyager/OCLC mapping, fixed fields, authority records
8.14, URLs in authority records

Section 10, Leader--Bibliographic records--All formats

Section 11, General information (008 field)--Bibliographic records--Films and videorecordings

Section 12, General information (008 field)--Bibliographic records--Sound recordings

Section 13, 00X fields other than 008, and 0XX fields

Section 13A, 9XX fields

13.5.1, SPAC code and text (901)
13A.2, Cataloger inputter note (910)
13A.3, ORION1 record number (935)
13A.4, Large record note (999)

Section 14, Fixed and local holdings fields--Introduction

14.1, Object of a holdings record
14.2, Control number
14.3, Record suppression in Voyager

Section 15, Holdings fields--Leader--All formats

Section 16, Holdings fields--Physical description (007 field)--Films

Section 17, Holdings fields--Physical description (007 field)--Videorecordings

Section 18, Holdings fields--Physical description (007 field)--Sound recordings

Section 18A, Holdings fields--Physical description (007 field)--Electronic resources

Section 19, Holdings fields--Fixed-length data elements (008 field)--All formats

Section 20, Holdings fields--843--Reproduction note

$b Place of reproduction
$c Agency reponsible for reproduction
$d Date of reproduction
$n Reproduction note
Reproduction permission note
Common phrases to use to describe the reproduction source
Current transfer facilities at the UCLA Film & Television Archive

Section 21, Holdings fields--845--Terms governing use and reproduction note

Section 22, Holdings fields--852--Location


Section 23, Holdings fields--866--Textual holdings--Basic bibliographic unit

23.1, Public notes to go in $z subfield
23.1.2, NOTES:
23.1.4, NOTES:
23.1.7, LOCATION:
23.2, Staff only notes to go in $x subfield
23.3, Examples of complete 866 fields

Section 24, Voyager item records

Section 25, Holdings fields--901--Archive collection codes

Section 26, Holdings fields--903--Physical description

26.1, Film
26.1.1, Extent of item
26.1.2, Aspect ratio and special projection characteristics
26.1.3, Sound characteristics
26.1.4, Color characteristics
26.1.5, Dimensions
26.1.6, Film base
26.1.7, Generation
26.1.8, Copy numbers
26.1.9, Film examples
26.2, Video
26.2.1, Video format or other video technical specifications
26.2.2, Video examples
26.3, Sound recordings
26.3.1, Sound recording examples
26.4, UCLA Archive abbreviations list--Introduction
26.5, UCLA Archive abbreviations list

Section 27, Holdings fields--905

Section 28, Holdings fields--910

Section 29, Holdings fields--916

Section 31, Holdings fields--989

Section 33, Inputting inventory forms

33.1, Sources of information--inventory records

33.2, General

33.2.1, Preliminary searching

33.2.2, Cataloged titles

33.2.3, When to input a new record

33.2.4, When to put things in the question pile

33.2.5, Changing existing records

33.2.6, Reproduced copies

33.2.7, Suppressed records

33.2.8, KTLA materials

33.3, Bibliographic record

33.3.1, Titles

33.3.2, Release/broadcast date

33.3.3, Country of origin

33.3.4, Version, language

33.3.5, Contents notes

33.3.6, Form/genre

33.4, Holdings record

33.4.1, Choosing a holdings workform in Voyager

33.4.2, Inventory number

33.4.3, Location

33.4.4, Location number

33.4.5, 903 and 866 fields--physical description

33.4.6, Deterioration

33.4.7, Method of acquisition

33.4.8, SAC code

33.4.9, Date received

33.4.10, Donor code

33.4.11, Availability

33.4.12, UCLA preservation

33.4.13, Condition

33.4.14, Additional physical description

33.4.15, Comments field

33.4.16, Initials and date

33.5, The item record

33.6, In process (minimal level) records for items in the backlog

33.7, Processing Database

33.7.1, General


33.7.3, Searching

33.7.4, Do not enter the following types of Processing Database records

Section 34, How to fill out an inventory form

34.1, Filmographic information

34.1.1, Titles, Title on item/Newsreel or television series title, Episode no. or title/Volume and issue number, Original release/broadcast title or filing title

34.1.2, Release/broadcast date

34.1.3, Version

34.1.4, Country of origin

34.1.5, Language

34.1.6, Form

34.2, Inventory #

34.3, Link to Voyager #04-

34.4, Loc/MY/Barcode #

34.5, Physical description--Introduction

34.5.1, Print

34.5.2, Preprint

34.5.3, Video

34.5.4, Sound

34.6, Other information

34.7, MY system location numbers

34.8, Abbreviated Hearst newsreel titles and their equivalents in cataloging

34.8.1, Released footage

34.8.2, Unedited footage

Section 34A, Special problems--Collection level records

34A.1, Overview of collection level description

34A.2, Materials covered by these guidelines

34A.3, Standards followed

34A.4, Levels of description

34A.4.1, Unitary single-level

34A.4.2, Unitary single-level optimum

34A.4.3, Unitary single-level added value

34A.5, Unitary single level--Bibliographic record--Voyager

34A.5.1, Leader and 008 field

34A.5.1.1, Leader

34A.5.1.2, 008 field

34A.5.2, Reference code

34A.5.3, Title

34A.5.3.1, Supplied titles

34A.5.3.2, Formal titles

34A.5.3.3, Titles connected with a film or television program

34A.5.3.4, Dividing records

34A.5.4, Date element

34A.5.5, Extent

34A.5.6, Name of creator(s)

34A.5.7, Administrative/biographical history

34A.5.8, Scope and content

34A.5.9, System of arrangement

34A.5.10, Physical access

34A.5.11, Finding aids

34A.5.12, Acquisition and appraisal

34A.5.13, Accruals

34A.5.14, Related materials

34A.5.15, Citation

34A.5.16, Notes

34A.5.16.1, 546 field

34A.5.16.2, 545 field

34A.5.16.3, 511 field

34A.5.16.4, 508 field

34A.5.16.5, 500 field

34A.5.16.6, 518 field

34A.5.16.7, 510 field

34A.5.16.8, 520 field

34A.5.16.9, 506 field

34A.5.16.10, 506 field

34A.5.16.11, 538 field

34A.5.16.12, 540 field

34A.5.16.13, 555 field

34A.5.16.14, 561 field

34A.5.16.14, 541 field

34A.5.16.14, 583 field

34A.5.16.17, 584 field

34A.5.16.18, 535 field

34A.5.16.19, 530 field

34A.5.16.20, 544 field

34A.5.16.21, 581 field

34A.5.16.22, 524 field

34A.5.16.23, 856 field

34A.5.16.24, 910 field

34A.5.17, Description control

34A.6, Holdings record--Voyager

34A.6.1, Leader

34A.6.2, Fixed field

34A.6.3, Location

34A.6.4, Collection, source and availability codes

34A.6.5, Description control

34A.7, Voyager bibliographic record numbers for collection level records

Section 35, Special problems--DGA

Section 36, Special problems--Newsreels

36.1, Hearst newsreel types
36.1.1, Hearst silent material
36.1.2, Hearst sound newsreels
36.1.3, Hearst cuts and outs
36.1.4, Hearst vault material
36.1.5, Hearst color cans
36.1.6, Hearst Telenews daily
36.1.7, Hearst Telenews sports
36.2, Principal documentation of the collection
36.2.1, Hearst index cards
36.2.2, Dispo sheets
36.2.3, Synopsis sheets
36.2.4, Summary of information sources on the Hearst collection
36.3, What is in Voyager
36.4, Object of the record
36.4.1, Released newsreels, Definition of a story
36.4.2, Unreleased footage
36.4.3, Stock footage with a release history
36.4.4, Completeness
36.5, Relationships between records
36.5.1, Description of source material on story records
36.5.2, Description of subsequent uses of footage
36.6, Creating Voyager records
36.6.1, Use of collection documentation
36.6.2, Special considerations for Commercial Services preview cassette records
36.6.3, Title, Commercial Services titles and their equivalents in cataloging, Released footage, Unedited footage, Transcription, volume/issue designations, and story titles for released issues (cataloging only), Assigning titles to Hearst material covered by the supplied title rules, Silent era (International) roll numbers, sound era negative numbers, Hearst safety dupe (HVM) can and roll numbers, and Telenews roll numbers
36.6.4, Date fields (260, 033, 045)
Date tables
36.6.5, Series (440, 490, 830)
36.6.6, Notes, Contents notes (505s), summaries (520s), and shot descriptions (505s), Credits notes, No use notes, Version notes, Sequence in issue notes, Copyright notes, Summary of bibliographic notes
36.6.7, Access points, Verifying and tracing personal names on Hearst newsreel records (cataloging only)
36.6.8, Holdings, Physical description information, Preservation and reproduction information, Access points, Duplicates struck by the Hearst Corporation and filed with HVM, Special instructions for Commercial Services preview cassette holdings, Summary of holdings notes
36.6.9, Checklist for the issue
36.6.10, Checklist for the stories

Section 36A, Special problems--Oral histories

36A.1, Overview of oral histories
36A.2, General rules (OCHM Chapter 1)
36A.2.1, Unit of the description (OHCM 1.1)
36A.2.2, Projects, collection, and their component interviews, single descriptions or multiple descriptions (OHCM 1.2)
36A.2.3, Level of detail in the description (OHCM 1.3)
36A.3, Description of oral history interviews, projects, and collections (OHCM Chapter 2)
36A.3.1, Title area (OCHM 2.1)
36A.3.1.1, Statement of responsibility (OHCM 2.1F)
36A.3.2, Edition area (OHCM 2.2)
36A.3.3, Date area (OHCM 2.4)
36A.3.4, Physical description area (OHCM 2.5)
36A.3.5, Series area (OHCM 2.6)
36A.3.6, Note area (OHCM 2.7)
36A.4, Choice of access points
36A.4.1, Name entries
36A.4.1.1, Interviewee
36A.4.1.2, Interviewer
36A.4.1.3, Project names
36A.4.1.3, Collectors
36A.4.1.3, Corporate bodies associated with an oral history project or collection
36A.4.2, Title added entries
36A.4.2.1, Alternate titles
36A.4.2.2, Formal titles (OHCM 3.3F1)
36A.5, Examples

Section 37, Special problems--Paper prints

Section 38, Special problems--Production companies and distributors on inventory records

Section 39, Special problems--Reproductions and preservation

39.1, Preservation
39.2, Reproduction

Section 40, Special problems--Rereleases, reissues

40.1, Is the reissue or rerelease a different version?
40.2, Is a new distributor associated with the change in version?
40.3, Other areas of the record

Section 41, Special problems--Silent films

Section 42, Special problems--Sound track film

42.1, Older preserved titles and newsreels
42.2, Newer preserved titles
42.3, Titles not preserved

Section 42A, Special problems--Streaming and downloadable video

42A.1, Fixed fields
42A.2, 300 fields
42A.3, Notes
42A.4, 856 fields

Section 43, Special problems--Student films

Section 44, Special problems--Television and radio series

Section 45, Special problems--Vitaphone shorts with sound on disc

Section 46, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Bibliographic records

Section 47, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Holdings records

Section 48, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Authority records

Section 49, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Foreign films

Section 50, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Preservation

Section 51, Appendix--MARC 21 format crib sheet--Dates

Section 52, Appendix--Ready reference tables

52.1, Military time
52.2, Local TV channels
52.3, Initial articles in all languages
52.4, Kodak cine edge print markings charts
52.5, Academy Awards years
52.6, Useful Web sites for cataloging research
52.6.1, Biographical information about persons who work in film and television
52.6.2, Biographical information about politicians
52.6.3, Credits and other information about motion pictures
52.6.4, Credits and other information about radio and television programs
52.6.5, Documentaries
52.6.6, Filmographic terms, information about the history of cinematography, film formats, etc.
52.6.7, Information about bills and laws
52.6.8, Information about copyright
52.6.9, Information about corporations, U.S. and foreign
52.6.10, Information about music and music people
52.6.11, Information about television news
52.6.12, Information valuable for the establishment of subject headings, including geographic headings
52.6.13, International films
52.6.14, Personal/independent films
52.6.15, Webliographies
52.7, Newsreel series produced by the Hearst Corporation

Section 53, Appendix--Order of holdings desired

Section 54, Appendix--Editing in Voyager

54.1, Editing diacritics and special characters
54.2, Cloning records
54.3, Deleting barcodes

Section 55, Appendix--ORION1 and TAOS--Where it all went

55.1, TAOS to Voyager migration
55.2, ORION1 to TAOS migration

Section 56, Appendix--Known data migration problems

Section 57, Appendix--Unresolved Voyager problems

57.1, OPAC configuration limitations
57.2, Cataloging Client limitations
57.3, Limitations with both Cataloging Client and OPAC

Section 58, Appendix--How to edit a pre-existing record

58.1, Bibliographic
58.2, Holdings
58.3, Authority

Section 59, Appendix--Availability crib sheet

Section 60, Appendix--History of newsreel cataloging

Section 61, Appendix--OCLC crib sheet

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